Ceiling Fan Installation near Brooklyn Park

Ceiling Fans for a Cool, Comfortable Home

There was a great sale at the local home improvement store and you just couldn’t resist! You’ve owned a beautiful new ceiling fan all summer long . . . only it’s been in a box on the basement floor and not hung where you and your family can enjoy it.

You would have hired an electrician months ago but after a frustrating afternoon of calling everyone in the phone book, you had quotes ranging from $250 (which is more that you paid for the fan) to $600, and no appointment.

You’re not alone! We get calls from homeowners every day who have “the perfect fan” but no way to install it in the Brooklyn Park area.

What Are the Benefits of a Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans add style to each room of your home – they come in various shapes, finishes, with or without lighting options, etc. The right ceiling fan is a perfect complement to your room.

Ceiling fans reduce energy costs associated with heating and cooling. When set in the right direction for the season and only used when a room is occupied, a ceiling fan helps a room feel a few degrees warmer or cooler without additional HVAC system use.

What Rooms in My House Should Have a Ceiling Fan?

Many rooms in the home benefit from ceiling fan installation! In any room where people gather, work, or relax, ceiling fans provide energy efficient climate control when used correctly.

The downdraft produced by counterclockwise rotation creates a windchill effect to help you stay cooler. In the winter, clockwise rotation redistributes warm air, so you feel more comfortable.

Why Call Factotum Guy for Ceiling Fan Installation in Brooklyn Park?

Homeowners in Brooklyn Park turn to Factotum Guy for reliable ceiling fan installation for a multitude of reasons. Our licensed electricians keep your home protected, we ensure the electrical work is properly completed. We offer quick service to tackle your home improvements sooner, so you are able to enjoy the benefits of your new ceiling fan without a long wait.

As a proud member of the Brooklyn Park community, we take pride in delivering the help our neighbors need to create more comfortable, energy efficient homes.

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